About Us

This is a story about humanity , passion and excellence.

When you say “brat”, most certainly you think about a rebel character that has no consideration for others or for the surrounding environment. But, for us, The Brat Army, the term “brat” has an entirely different meaning. It means a solid character that follows a strong set of values in life. It means a modern man that is both practical and elegant, a man that values luxury and quality in an ethical manner.

Upholding our traditional values of ahimsa, we at Brat Army wish that mankind was in perfect balance with nature, and thus, offers you a guilt- free and an affordable indulgence .

Stemmed from the concept of merging two concepts “luxury” and “traditional values” with core idea of having fun but not at life’s cost. They are incredibly stylish, made to last, and are a cost-effective solution that will allow you to look great no matter what outfit you choose to wear for the day.

We endeavour to take on the ever changing trends of fashion to deliver a timeless style that values our ethos.  By leveraging the ever evolving  sector of online commerce we believe a well intentioned product should be accessible to all.

You can finally indulge in a pair of gorgeous and full of character shoes, without having to worry about the origin of the materials. We take advantage of our planet's resources in a sustainable and responsible manner, not causing any sufferance or discomfort during the process.

Filling in the ever required gap for vegan shoes THE BRAT ARMY invites you to contribute to the well being of the planet and experience socially responsible and eco-friendly range of shoes.